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Volcano Hike

Enjoy a scenic drive along the spectacular Windward coast line to base of La Soufriere, Volcano.  Hike up to 4048 feet to experience the most studied volcanoes in the world.

Scenic St.Vincent

Visit Fort Charlotte, the Botanical Gardens and enjoy a scenic country drive.

Owia Salt Pond

Drive along the windward coast to the northern Coastline.  We pass through the villages of Orange Hill, Overland and Sandy Bay home to many Vincentians of Carib descent.  Then on to Owia, where a natural rock lined pool is there welcome you.

Trinity and Dark View Falls

Drive along the leeward coast line to these two magnificent waterfalls.  Trinity Falls offers a hour hike through tropical rainforest to this   waterfall that descends in three cascades into a circular pool. Getting to Dark View Falls we cross a bamboo bridge.

Vermont Nature Trail

Drive into the Leeward side of the island to hike through this 10,870 acre forest, set aside for the preservation of the national bird of St.Vincent and the Grenadines the Amazona guildingii.

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